Dear Business Owners,
PT Global Trading Corporation (PTG) has been in business for more than 20 years and representing Large Private Financial Groups who are in the business of purchasing/factoring account receivable and invoices in different industries.

If you sell products or provide services to your customer and received payment terms of 30 days or more, then we want to help you to get advance payment immediately without any waiting hassles.

Once you sell/factor your account receivable or invoices to us, you will immediately receive cash up to 85% of the invoice. The balance remainder, minus our fee, is paid to you when the full invoice payment is received and cleared by us from your customer.   Again, we buy your account receivable and invoices !  You can count on us to receive CASH ADVANCE  PAYMENT IMMEDIATELY.

Example scenario:

Let assumes that you, a Manufacturer who has just delivered $100,000 of furniture to a major Furniture Store.

Instead of waiting the typical payment period, which could be 90 days or more, the Manufacturer could factor/sell the invoice to us and receive up to $85,000 (85% of the invoice) within 24 hours. This cash could then be used to fund a marketing campaign or simply to pay off some outstanding debt or for any purpose of your needs.  As soon as the Furniture Store remits payment, and the payment is cleared by us, the Manufacturer will receive the remaining value of the invoice minus our fee. (simply put)

Here are 6 simple steps when you sell/factor your account receivable/invoices to us:

  1. You sell/factor your products or services to a customer and issue an invoice for the value of the goods or services
  2. To sell/factor the invoice/account receivable, you send us a copy of the invoice.
  3. We process the invoice, and within 24-48 hours, we give you a percentage of the invoice amount up to 85%, called an advance payment

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    . This is the first of two payments you receive when selling an invoice.

  4. Your customer, when ready to make payment, directs payment to us.
  5. When we received the payment from your customer, we withhold a small factoring service fee, and return the difference, or reserve back to you.
  6. The reserve/difference is the second payment you receive from the selling of the invoice.

Selling/factoring your invoices/account receivable for quick CASH ADVANCEMENT is only minutes away, contact us today!

General Information:

Anthony Tran   or Tel: 714-496-7229.

Anna Pham