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  • Outsource Sales Management



We are outsourced marketing & sales solution for small & midsize businesses. We help business owners to increase their sales revenue. We understand that most businesses have sales turnover and performance issues. As a result, we have created a new service that save the business owners money and increase their sales at the same time by providing a high-caliber sales management professional on a part-time basis.

We use our 6-step process proven success growth path to leverage sales process and management. We have worked with many companies to improve their revenues, productivity, and create processes that are sustainable. Therefore, we can take your company to the next level by developing a system that can be followed for years to come.

We are professional sales/marketing firm with a history of cultivating and maintaining excellent relationships. Our accomplishments include: 1) Track record of consistent successful sales, marketing, sales training and operations. 2) Proven ability to deliver predictable and consistent results. 3) Contributing to a company’s growth through development and implementation of corporate strategies. Further, we have the drive, energy, vision, leadership, and implementation skills to make a great difference to your company.

Anthony Tran has more than 20 years’ experience in business, encompassing marketing, sales, management and import/export/trading. He has solid experience in business operations and understands the nature of business cultures both domestically and internationally. He spent over 6 years teaching general business concepts at Los Angeles City College and earned a Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree in Marketing & Finance.

Beginning in 1998, Anthony has been the Marketing/Sales Director at PT Global Trading Corporation (PTG). PTG is a California-based company which trades and sells heavy equipment between the United States and Asia. As a Director, he handled purchasing, marketing, selling, daily activities, and establishing clients’ business relationships.

Anthony established Anthony Professional Consultants Corporation (APCC) in 1990, an international business consulting firm. For the next 6 years, APCC interacted with business connections between foreign business individuals and U.S. corporations, assisting with import/export due diligence evaluation, commercial investment advisory, general business, manufacturers’ representations, coordination of international business conferences, international trade, project review and evaluation, marketing research/study and business plan assistance.

Anthony has worked as a Financial Manager at Bancorp Financial Investigations Group (BFIG). BFIG is a financial management and regulatory consulting services firm for Foreign Banking Corporations and International Money Transmitters. The Principal of BFIG is a former Senior Bank Examiner in charge of Regulatory Investigations with the State of California, Department of Banking. As a Financial Manager, Anthony was in charge of the office and financial management. He also assisted the Principal of BFIG with helping clients comply with regulations and audit advisory.