PT Global Trading Corporation (PTG) is a company based in the U.S.A with 20 plus years experiencing in trading and exporting products globally.  Some of our products include heavy construction equipment, commercial trucks, cars, farm equipment, industrial equipment, and many more.

We carry our own high quality and unique facial cleanser products made in U.S.A.

We are also representing large private financial groups who are in the business of purchasing/factoring account receivable and invoices in different industries and worldwide.

In addition, we are in the transferring business where we connect, match, and refer business owners to qualified buyers for acquisitions.

We are also an authorized distributor for Crome, Markham, and the Aqua line of hair products in the U.S. We are also an Exclusive Authorized Distributor in Vietnam and Singapore for these same products.

Our made in the U.S.A facial cleanser and hair products are unique and of the highest quality. If you want to have our facial cleanser and hair products in your beauty supply store, beauty salon or want to be a distributor or representative in your area to sell our high quality cleanser and hair products, you should contact us today.


PT Global Trading Corporation strives to be the leader for the distribution of high quality and unique facial cleanser and hair care products and construction equipment. We are committed to bring our customers the best possible prices without sacrificing quality.


Our internet wholesale website is geared towards distributors and retailers that want information on FACIAL CLEANSER, CROME, MARKHAM and AQUAMOIST products.

If you want to order any of our products you need to contact Anthony or Anna directly.  We will give the best prices and assist you in purchasing exactly what you need.