Dear Business Owners:
PT Global Trading Corporation (PTG) is NOT a business broker, but we are professional business consultants group based in California with more than 20 years experience in trading and import/export goods around the world.  PTG has established connections with both domestic and international qualified buyers who are looking to purchase businesses.  These buyers have the financial resources for your value business.

For the above reasons, PTG has formed a “Matching Referred Acquisitions” business-to-business transferring center and acting as a third party to connect, match, and refer the qualified buyers to your value businesses.

On the international basis, business trend is changing over the past 20 years since the US Government has lifted up the embargo with several countries in Asia Pacific Rims, especially with Vietnam country.  Today, the US and Vietnam relationships in both political and business are strong.  Therefore, the Vietnamese business people are looking to establish their business relationships with the US companies by purchasing existing on-going businesses in all kinds of different industries in the US.  PTG is well-known and recognized by the Vietnamese business people and other countries in Asia Pacific Rims for its exporting goods from the US.

Domestically, PTG has built its business on a long-term relationship with the suppliers in different industries.

PTG guaranteed that any potential buyers we refer to you are qualified candidates because we had verified their financial resources before sending them to you.  We have both strategic and financial buyers.  Strategic buyers who will look at how you’re your business fit into their own company’s long range plans.  On the other hand, financial buyers are more interested in your company’s profitability and stability.   Therefore, contact us today so we can send you our qualified buyers because finding the right buyer is the key to a smooth transaction!

Dear Business Buyers:

We understand your time is valuable when it comes to purchase a new business.  That is why we are here to assist you to find a right business the first time so you don’t waste your time searching for an unsound business because buying a business is not the same as buying a house.

The business that we refer to you should have a solid history of profitability, a competitive advantage, a loyal customer base and/or long-term contracts with clients, and growth opportunity.

A business’ value is determined by many factors included sales, earnings, performance, market outlook, personnel, net book value, and the fair market replacement value of equivalent operating assets.  It is also influenced by intangible assets of the business.

A value business should also include both current and three years’ of profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and full tax returns.

Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a right business, you can rely on us to find you a right one.   So, contact us today.

Anthony Tran   or 714-496-7229.

Anna Pham

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