Hi, let me introduce you to our new unique business venture, here in Los Angeles & Orange Counties areas. We help small and mid-sized companies improve their sales teams’ performance by providing part-time, “Outsourced Sales Management”– much like the model often employed for CFO and HR services.

My target market includes “B-2-B” companies, with ten-or-less salespeople, that are not able to commit to the expense of a full-time sales manager. For a fraction of that cost, I remove the burden of sales team management from the business owner, and implement a proven, six-step process called “Sales QB — Road map to Guaranteed Growth.”

I am reaching out to my area friends and colleagues, and asking for introductions. Do you know local business owners or CEOs who are trying to manage their own sales teams? Do you know entrepreneurs who promoted their best sales rep into a sales manager role, only to discover that they lost a great rep and gained a mediocre manager?Do you know accountants, lawyers whose clients might need a sales tune-up?>/p>

These local business owners might be among your works, neighbors, friends from church, or members of your club or Chamber of Commerce. I am asking you to invest a few minutes on my behalf, and try to think of contacts who might be thrilled to have us rescue them and salvage their sales effort.

If you can introduce me via LinkedIn, email or phone. I will be so appreciative of your help.
Thank you for taking time to read through my introduction. I look forward to hearing your ideas!

Anthony Tran
Tel: 714-496-7229
Email: anthony@salesqb.com or anthony@pttradinginc.com
Website: www.salesqb.com/anthony

For more information about myself & services, please visit my Linkedin Profile